Tracks For Sale


Most of my music is available to download from You can listen to complete albums easily, and individual tracks or full albums are available to purchase.

New albums will be added as I create them, so check back often.

Check out what is currently available here

Featured Track


Added a section on my website to feature a particular track. This track will change depending on what I want to feature. It may be a new track I am working on or an old track that I want to highlight. You can hear it here

New toy

Got a new toy the other day. It is a used 2004 Cort m600 guitar. I am loving it so far. 🙂

In Progress Track

I just added a new page to my website. This is the “In Progress Track” page. This page will feature a track I am either currently working on, or that has been finished, but not yet released to the public.

In Progress Track